He used to live on a ship,

Now he lives on the street. 

This must stop, we need your help.

A Mom and a soldier and now in dire need of help.

Project Help is an all Volunteer, 501c3, charity making your donations tax deductible.  EIN 81-1804210

Will you partner with us in this mission?

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Semper Fi, Marine  .We are here to help you.

Project Help is dedicated to serving our veteran community and making life better for all who served and their families.

Happy to help you,  Brother..  Thanks for your service.

The pain of war is unbearable.  God Bless our troops

There, but for the grace if God, go I. 

This is just heart breaking.  Men and women who wore the uniform of our great country are reduced to living and begging on the streets.  Shameful!